Java Soul Coffee

“We deliver high quality &the real artisan coffee full of aromas for customers”


Java Soul Coffee believe quality and aromatics in the cup along with careful selection of the green beans are important.

With particular attention to the roasting process.

JSC has invested in the best machinery and the most advanced tools on the market. We deliver the real artisan coffee full of aromas and complexity special for customers.

We carefully study and select each single origin and find the sweet spot for the particular coffee profile.

By consistently work on small batches and lots to provide attention into details that make the clear difference in the final cup.

We are also extremely proud that we can provide a great range of flavors for filter and espresso alike from various parts of Indonesia.

Our Production provided in the outskirt of Jakarta in Sentul Olympic Estate. Which means we can easily deliver everyday special fresh coffee to the whole Jakarta nearby areas.

Barista Academy

On every Saturday we offer public cupping, (coffee tasting). You can sign up here if you want to attend. We provide training for all our whole-sale account as well as seminars and lectures for offices and events. Martino also works as a coffee consultant and has done a lot of consultancy for other companies. If you are considering hiring a consultant to improve your coffee business or coffee skills, then don’t hesitate to contact us. For more info click on consulting button in the left menu.

Barista class modules:

Introduction to Coffee 3 H
Price 1.500.000 IDR

This is a great class for all you coffee lovers, whether you’re experienced and serious about coffee, or just starting out! Students cover the basics of speciality coffee and its process from the bean to the cup.

Class Outline:

Students cover the basics of speciality coffee and its processing from the bean to the cup.

Class Syllabus:

  1. Understanding speciality coffee
  2. The necessity of cupping’s
  3. History of coffee origins, consumption and cultivation
  4. Geographical traits
  5. Processing
  6. Roasting
  7. Brewing
  8. Extraction and quality
  9. Brew vatiations

Barista Skills Foundation 7 H
Price 3.000.000 IDR

Class Outline:

Students will receive the fundamental skills as to what makes a fantastic barista. Unlike the introduction, the barista Skills Foundation allows room to explore the depths of coffee throughout the entire day, leaving the students confident in their craft.

Class Syllabus:

  1. Coffee Origins
  2. Understandings of levels of roasting
  3. Workspace management Grinding, dosing and tamping techniques
  4. Extraction and brewing Sensory (taste/pallet) development
  5. Milk chemistry and steaming techniques
  6. Latte art basics
  7. Barista menu
  8. Hygiene, health and safety
  9. General maintenance of machines

Brewing Technique Foundation 6 H
Price 3.000.000 IDR

Class Outline:

Designed to introduce core brewing skills and use of equipment to anyone with a love for coffee! No previous experience require. By the end of the session, students will be able to grind and brew to the correct recipe to produce great coffee.

Class Syllabus:

  1. Coffee origins and processing
  2. Understandings of levels of roasting
  3. Brew guidelines Strength and Extraction
  4. Grind size
  5. Water quality and temperature
  6. Sensory (taste/pallet) development
  7. Coffee filtration methods
  8. Equipment care
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